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Artist’s Statement 

Christmas Eve 2019. On this day, nearly 50 million acres was burnt or still burning, over 1 billion native animals died, and human lives were lost and homes destroyed. Across all states of Australia. 

All the subsequent enquiries and Royal Commissions provide undisputed evidence that: Inferior fuel reduction programs combined with the effects of Global Warming escalated the risk of a mammoth fire season. The blame was laid solely at the feet of The Australian Government, both current and previous and their deliberate lack of action.  


Christmas Eve 2020 

Many people are still homeless living in caravans or sheds awaiting the slow step of bureaucracy and red tape to release funds, pass building permits and to start fauna and flora regeneration projects.  

Also on this day, the Australian government allocated $190,000 of valuable Fire Relief Funds to a former Government colleague to make promotional TV videos in order to convince the Australian public that the Government was fulfilling the needs of these people 


Medium: Acrylic and Pastel 


Size:  970mm x 760mm


White mat and frame

Bushfire Friend or Foe?

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