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Amanda Hocking was born in the South of England, although much of her childhood was spent traveling the world with her parents.

After finishing school, Amanda immigrated to Australia. Here she gained prominence as an equine artist and multidisciplinary equestrienne rider – competing on an Australian  medal winning equestrian team. Amanda’s passion for artistic and equestrian pursuits have been further realised through helping others achieve their own goals - she is both a highly regarded equestrian coach and art tutor.  

Beginning her artist journey in watercolors Amanda focused on developing a loose and abstract method to depict horses in sport. Her medium preference then shifted following the completion of a Visual Arts Diploma – the role acrylics can play in creating contemporary, multi-dimensional mixed-media imagery had captured her imagination.  

As a keen environmentalist Amanda often begins works immersed in nature. All manner of flying, crawling, and photosynthesising life forms assist in the initial stages of creation.


Amanda’s preliminary work - a mix of lose and detailed starts are then developed and finished off in the studio. Starts will develop in response to the chosen ‘ground’ and the requirements of that material. One reoccurring process sees canvas and bamboo paper starts subjected to a construct- deconstruct-reconstruct methodology that shows Amanda’s unique approach to the contemporary landscape. A diverse mix of mediums that include collage, acrylic paint, oil pastel and inks are utilised. Amanda’s ability to create a mutualistic symbiosis between mediums results in vibrant works rich with colour and texture. 


Throughout Amanda’s work a powerful political and emotional commentary on the surrounding world exists. This allows her to present a tangible evocation of contemporary life, and a catalyst for growth, hope and appreciation.  








Inevitable -  Bojas restaurant and gallery, Shepparton.

Circinate - MEAC Foyer gallery, Mooroopna.

Kimberley Moon - Tussock gallery, Point Lonsdale.

Postcards - MEAC Foyer gallery, Mooroopna.

Experiencing Place - KTH Gallery, Kyabram.



Splinter Contemporary Artist Exhibition - Town Hall Gallery, Kyabram.


Artist in residence for the Northern Victorian art in school’s project.


Caravan Project - Shepparton Arts Festival, Shepparton.  


My Story Project - Shepparton Arts Festival, Shepparton. 

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